By Roost · February 11, 2020

Roost, a Boston-based travel startup helping travelers find roommates and split hotel costs, just launched a new feature called “List your stay”.

“List your stay” allows travelers to earn money by filling the extra beds in their hotel rooms and vacation rentals, even if they didn’t book them through Roost.

Up to this point Roost only allowed people who booked through their website to find roommates. Now travelers who booked on other sites can utilize the service.

Roost CEO Sam Tate says “we’ve talked to a lot of users and really studied their needs. A lot of people already booked a hotel room, or Airbnb but have an extra bed or two they’d love to fill. We now give them a safe and secure way to do this, and get paid for it!”

Roost aims to fix the way people currently find roommates and split accommodation costs. Today many travelers use Facebook groups and other online forums to find roommates to split lodging costs. But evaluating, communicating and arranging payment with the random people who happen to respond to your post is time consuming and based on incomplete, unverified information.

Roost solves these problems, verifying all listings and facilitating payments to make sure you get paid on-time and in full.

The launch of the new feature is Roost’s first expansion beyond hotel rooms. Now larger groups of travelers, not just individuals and pairs, can use Roost. Tate says “we believe like most things in life, travel is better when shared with others. Group travel means we can now help foster more friendships, make travel more social, and help more travelers save money.”

Check out Roost to save on your next trip.

About Roost

Roost was founded in 2019 by Samuel Tate and Sharath Prabhal to help travelers find roommates to share accommodations and split costs. Roost’s mission is to make traveling more affordable and to foster genuine friendships between travelers. From background checks to identity verification, safety is paramount for Roost. For more information, visit